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Arizona Quilters Guild

Committed to educating the public and our members about the place quilts hold in our lives, hearts, and history.

AQG loves to display the Chapter Challenge entries as a group at Quilt Arizona!
What you need to know to enter your Chapter Challenge:
  1.  Requests to display a Chapter Challenge Entries at the 2022 Quilt Arizona! show will be accepted until the allotted space has been filled or until January 7, 2022, whichever comes first.

  2.  A Chapter representative should Complete the Chapter Challenge Entry Form
    (please contact quilt_show@aqgmail.org if you have a question)

  3.  The Chapter representative will be contacted with the status of your Challenge Entry.

  4.  When your Chapter Challenge Entry is accepted, the main Online Quilt Entry form  will be updated with your Challenge name.

  5. Each individual quilt in your Challenge must be submitted:  

    • Use Category = "Non-Judged, Chapter Challenge" and select your Chapter from the Challenge List.
    • Chapter Challenge quilts do not count towards a Member's three quilt entry limit.
    • All quilts may only be displayed once at a Quilt Arizona! show.
  6.  Challenges will be hung by the quilt show hanging volunteers. Chapters are encouraged to have a point person volunteer for the Hanging Committee for Wednesday after 1pm to help supervise the hanging of your entry.

AQG Purpose

Arizona Quilters Guild promotes appreciation of quilts and quilting, sponsors and support quilting activities, and furthers the growth of quilting education.

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