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Arizona Quilters Guild

Committed to educating the public and our members about the place quilts hold in our lives, hearts, and history.

Future Quilt Show Themes

Begin your quilt for one of the future Arizona Quilts! show.  You will have plenty of time to complete your project before any deadline. 

2025 Quilt Show Theme - Sew Whimsical

"Sew Whimsical " invites creators to explore their imagination, experiment with unique designs, and bring a sense of whimsy to every stitch, making the quilting experience not just a skillful endeavor but also a delightful journey of self-expression and creativity.

2026 Quilt Show Theme - Let Freedom Ring

2027 Quilt Show Theme - Colors of the Wind

2028 Quilt Show Theme - Quilting in the Round

2029 Quilt Show Theme - The Art of Improvisation

2030 Quilt Show Theme - Quilting with Meaning

AQG Purpose

Arizona Quilters Guild promotes appreciation of quilts and quilting, sponsors and support quilting activities, and furthers the growth of quilting education.

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